A year abroad

An integral part of the CREOLE Joint Master program is student mobility. CREOLE Master students will usually spend one academic year at one of the partner universities. This is highly facilitated and optimized by the common curriculum.

The mobility is organized within the ERASMUS + framework. Students go through the same formalities as all other ERASMUS students (e.g. requirement of language certificates). Students selected for mobility (in Vienna International Track studens) will receive ERASMUS+ grants for their year abroad.

Teacher Exchange

The CREOLE curriculum contains two mandatory classes labelled Teacher Exchange with 2,5 ECTS each. These classes are taught by visiting teachers of the partner institutions. The frequent exchange of teaching staff among the partners enhances the cooperative efforts and gives students the opportunity to get to know potential supervisors.

The Teaching Exchange is arranged via the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Program.

Intensive Program

The Intensive Programm (IP) is organized each year by one of the partner institutions The IP usually takes place in summer and lasts for at least a week. It is a compulsory part of the curriculum. Students and CREOLE teachers come together to 1) have a loose student-teacher conference about topics related to current debates in anthropology 2) present their master thesis concepts and learn about possible joint supervision 3) network and get to know other CREOLE students and teachers.

Students normally attend the IP before going on the year abroad. However, the IPs also provide students with an opportunity to present their work after their year abroad, too.

Even though partaking departments will try to support their students, there is no guarantee for financial aid in order to attend the IP.

Past Intensive Programs