Content, Methods, Goals of the IP

*   The topic of an IP is related to the three pillars of the Creole programme.


*   Teaching Methods:
  • The overall method is a combination between frontal paper presentations and intensive discussions;
  • Teachers are presenting papers related to the overall IP topic; Each presentation is followed by a discussion;
  • All participating students are presenting aspects of their MA-projects; Each presentation is followed by a discussion;
  • Students are chairing the sessions of teachers;
  • Teachers are chairing presentations of students;
  • Before the IP, teachers and students are submitting abstracts of their presentations which are published on the IP-website of the local organisers;
  • Teachers are submitting their ppt-presentations as references for the students. These presentations are published on the IP website.


Goals of the IP
  • The IP is the space of the programme, where students from all partner institutions meet after their first year in the Joint-MA programme;
  • Students are introduced in concepts of a contemporary anthropology;
  • Students get feedback by the present teachers and their student colleagues for their respective MA-project;
  • Exchange of information about the particular studying programme at the different partner institutions.


  • The references used by the teachers in their presentations are published with their ppt-presentation during and after the IP;
  • Students get references by teachers and student colleagues during the sessions and in informal talks.


(last updated TF 10|2011)