ERASMUS Intensive Programme (IP)

As part of the CREOLE curriculum, an Intensive Programme (IP) is organised each year by a partner institution. The IP usually takes places in summer, preferably in July. The dates depend on the decision of the local organisers. Usually, the IP lasts for 7 to 10 days (arrivals and departures not included).


Financial Aspects:

For financing the IP, the local organiser applies for funding at the EU’s “LifeLongLearning-ERASMUS” IP-programme. If this funding is secured, students may receive reimbursement of their travel expenses and accomodation. Howver, the funding by the “LifeLongLearning-ERASMUS” IP-programme, or by any other institution, is not guaranteed. The partner institutions are committed to try to raise funds from their universities to support the costs of the IP or their students taking part in it.


Compulsory Aspects:

All Creole students have to attend the IP after their first year in the programme.
  • Exception: Students studying the Creole programme at the University of Vienna in the national track (see Application) are neither entitled nor obliged to participate.
  • At least one teacher of each university of the consortium should participate in the IP. In particular situations it may happen, however, that one institution is not able to send a teacher. Nevertheless, a minimum of 5 teachers from different institutions should be assured.
  • Due to financial means and professional commitments of the teachers, most of them will not be able to stay all 10 days of the IP.


Topic and Overall Structure of an IP

The general topic of each IP is decided each year by the local organisers in agreement with the steering committee of the Creole programme.

The overall structure is:
  • Presentations of teachers in accord with the general topic of the IP
  • Student presentations about their MA research project. The presentation should deal fwith the following aspects:
-      The topic – a short description
-      The main research question
-      The construction of the fieldwork and research methods to be applied
-      The main theory(ies) used
-      5-10 main literature titles
  • Furthermore, there may be specific structures at an IP, like interactive workshops, depending on the decision of the steering committee and the local organisers.
  • Students will have to produce a paper of around 4.000 words (10 pages, incl. references) on the topics dealt with by the teachers.

 (last updated MTH 10|2017)