Language of courses:

  • All Creole courses are provided in English at Maynooth, Stockholm and Vienna

  • Some Creole courses are provided in English at Lyon-2 and Ljubljana

  • In Barcelona all courses must be either in Spanish or Catalan due to national legislation. Most of the courses are in Spanish and both reading and writing can be produced in English.

Links to Courses at the Partner Institutions


  • Barcelona

In Barcelona, the official units are modules and not courses. The modules include blocs (or courses) which may vary every year according to the offer available. Nonetheless, the thematic content of such blocs is always related to the title of the modules (see Curricula, list of modules). For more information please see the Barcelona CREOLE webpage.

Marking includes: Failed (Suspenso): below 5 over 10; Pass (Aprobado):  5-6/10; Very Good (Notable): 7-8/10 and Excellent (Excelente): 9-10/10


  • Bern

KSL-Vorlesungsverzeichnis/ CTS Core Teaching System:

Or on the department site:

Or on our brochure, available on our Website – Downloads:

  • Ljubljana

For more information please see the Ljubljana CREOLE webpage 


  • Lyon

Please note: Link for courses will be available shortly


  • Maynooth

For more information, plese see the Maynooth CREOLE course structure, and timetable. Please, note: There is a timetable at the bottom of the page, which unfortunately does not list *all* of the courses available to CREOLE students. They may also take the courses AN302, AN305, AN306, AN309, AN310, AN320, AN321, AN322, AN323, and AN324, descriptions of which are available here (please scrole to 'Optional Topical Modules for MA students').


  • Stockholm

For more information, please see CREOLE Stockholm pdf


  • Vienna

For more information, please see the 'Vorlesungsverzeichnis' (Wintersemester 2017).

Many of the courses of the general MA programme are eligible for CREOLE students although at the moment the majority of these courses is offered in German.  All CREOLE courses are in English.

The course catalogue goes online in July for the winter term and on January 15 for summer term but is not complete until about September (in winter term) and February (for summer term).

Registration for the courses:

Lectures: no registration required; no presence at each unit required.

  • Winter term (October 1st till January 31st,): registration starts in the first week of September and is open until the end of September each year.
  • Summer term (March 1st till June 30th): registration starts in the first week of February and is open until the end of February each year.
  • Seminars, hands-on-seminars, lecture-seminar: registration required as well as presence. All students at the department for Social and Cultural Anthropology must register for the courses through the electronic administration system u:space.

Please note the abbreviations in UNIVIS:

-    SE: seminar, VO: lecture, SE-UE: hands-on-seminar; VOSE: a mixture of lecture and seminar.

-    h: hours per week during the whole semester. Courses either run over the whole semester (i.e. one unit per week, e.g. lectures)or a blocked (most seminars).

Flexible course organisation:

  • In Vienna, you may select each semester the courses at your convenience (i.e. your present study plans). At the department, we assume that from the type of course and the described contents (to be found in the Course Catalogue), you are able to decide which courses fit best into your personal study trajectory. This, of course, must be in accord with the general CREOLE curriculum respectively the CREOLE curriculum approved by your home university.
  • Attention with seminars: You may decide to drop a seminar you had selected, but this has to be done in the first week after the first meeting. If you drop a seminar later than that, the teacher has to mark you as “Failed.”
  • Exams:

-    For lectures, there are four exam dates: last week of a term, at the beginning of the next term, in the middle of the next term, and last week of the term.

-    All other courses (e.g. seminars): according to the rules explained by the teacher at the beginning of the course.

-    Marking system: 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=Failed.

Two weeks at Christmas (courses stop around December 18, and start after January 6).
Two weeks at Easter (one week before, one week after the Easter weekend).

Teaching Free Periods (for research, reading, studying):
From February 1st to February 28th.
From July 1st to September 30th.

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