Université Lumière-Lyon 2


The Curriculum in Lyon

Please note: Masters' curricula are currently under vast transformation. Title of courses will be available shortly.

Administrative information

1.  Semester times
  • Semester 1 or 3 (Fall): 
    • Usually starts around the 15th of September and ends around the 15th of January; Courses run over the whole semester - i.e. one unit per week, during 12 weeks.
    • All courses require a written final examination taken at the University. Depending on the Seminar/Lecture tutor, exams are taking place either during the 12th week of the semester, or during ‘Exam week’, usually taking place during the third week of January.
  • Semester 2 or 4 (Spring):
    • Usually starts around the 1st of February and ends around the 30th of April; Teaching-free semesters
2.  Holidays
  • Fall break (« Vacances de la Toussaint » - ie All Saints’ day’s break): one week around November 1st
  • Winter break: Two weeks around Christmas (courses stop around December 18).
  • Spring break: One week  (usually in March)
3.  Marking system
  • Grades between 0 and 20
  • Average below 10 = Failed
(last updated 11 | 2015)