Teachers entitled to supervise CREOLE thesis

All Students are required to complete a Master Thesis. The topic of the Master Thesis is to be specified within the scope of the Joint-Master CREOLE-Programme.
A student either selects one supervisor from the Home University, or the student may ask advice from the local coordinator to find a supervisor at the Home University. This should be done before starting the MA-project.
During the study time at the Host University, the Student will have a few meetings with 1 teacher regarding the writing of the Master thesis. We dearly suggest to contact the local coordinator of the Host University to get advice.
A Master Thesis may be completed, submitted, and defended:
a)    either at the Home University;
b)    or at the Host University. In the latter case, the Host University becomes the newHome University. This University then delivers the diploma. If a student intends to select this latter option, s/he has to contact as early as possible the local coordinator. This option may not be eligible at all Partner institutions.
In the following you find a list of the lecturers in all the partner departments entitled to supervise a Master thesis in the CREOLE programme respectively a way how you find them.
The list changes: Please contact the local prorgamme coordinator or her/his assistant for possible supervisors.

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Prospective MA thesis have to be discussed first with the local coordinator, Dan Rodríguez, who will then suggest a supervisor. However, in order to prospect about who might share your own interests we strongly advise you to visit the list of "Faculty and Researchers" of the Department.

(last updated 04|2016)



Our Supervisors:

Prof. Julia Eckert: http://www.anthro.unibe.ch/about_us/people/prof_dr_eckert_julia/index_eng.html

Prof. Tobias Haller: http://www.anthro.unibe.ch/about_us/people/prof_dr_haller_tobias/index_eng.html

Prof. Michaela Schäuble: http://www.anthro.unibe.ch/about_us/people/prof_dr_schaeuble_michaela/index_eng.html

Prof. Sabine Strasser: http://www.anthro.unibe.ch/about_us/people/prof_dr_strasser_sabine/index_eng.html

Prof. Heinzpeter Znoj : http://www.anthro.unibe.ch/about_us/people/prof_dr_znoj_heinzpeter/index_eng.html



Baskar, Bojan: ethnology of the Mediterranean, history of the discipline.
Hazler, Vito: conservation, ethnology of Slovenia
Hudales, Jože: museology, historical anthropology, material culture.
Jezernik, Božidar: ethnology of the Balkans, heritage studies, extreme living conditions, gender studies.
Lipovec Čebron, Uršula: ethnology of Americas, medical anthropology, migrations
Mencej, Mirjam: comparative mythology, folklore studies.
Muršič, Rajko: popular culture, social structure, methodology, anthropology of music, Central/Eastern Europe.
Repič, Jaka: transnational studies and migrations, urban anthropology, anthropology of arts, Oceania.
Simonič, Peter: political and economic anthropology, anthropology of the body, ethnology of the Balkans, state rituals, protected areas, anthropology of nature


The prospective MA thesis should be discussed first with the local coordinators Marie-Pierre Gibert and Pauline Guedj, as not every colleague will be willing to supervise an MA Thesis written in english. Potential supervisors are:
  • Beeching Alain: prehistoric anthropology, occidental Europe
  • Boissière Thierry (currently on leave): urban anthropology, urban and social dynamics, anthropology of Arabic and Muslim societies
  • Bondaz, Julien:
  • Botea, Bianca:
  • Cerclet Denis: memory, heritage and Art, sciences and transdisciplinarity, Europa
  • Cros Michèle (currently on leave): symbolical anthropology of body and AIDS, health, sexuality and nature, West Africa
  • Dechaux Jean Hugues: euramerican kinship and parenthood, death (mourning, rituals, memory)
  • Decourt Nadine: oral literature and cultural diversity
  • Deshayes Patrick: communication, sanitary and health politics, nature and environment, American societies
  • Faure Laurence: parenthood and kinship, education and material culture
  • Faure Martine: archeozoology, paleoecology
  • Gibert, Marie-Pierre:
  • Givre Olivier: Religion, Reflexivity, Applied anthropology, Europe, Balkan, France
  • Guedj, Pauline:
  • Guioux Axel: representations of body, anthropology of illness, artistic dynamics
  • Herreros Gilles: development study, organisations, health services
  • Maurines Beatrice: economical anthropology, territories, globalisation and mobilities, Latin America
  • Obadia Lionel: Religion, modernity and globalisation, Asia
  • Santiago, Jorge:
  • Soares Martin: diasporas, migrations, “métissage”, anthropology of affects, ethnomusicology, Latin America
  • Van der Grijp, Paul:


Coleman, Steve: Semiotic and Linguistic Anthropology. Verbal art, music and performance. Minority Languages and the Nation State. History and politics of the Irish Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking areas)
Garvey, Pauline: Anthropology of Europe with particular emphasis on Scandinavia. Material Culture and Consumption Studies, also interested in socio-politics of design and issues surrounding domesticity.
Gray, Patty: International Development Projects, Charity and Aid, Economic Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion (especially Christianity), Indigenous People, Russia, Arctic.
Maguire, Mark: Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Biometric Security and Surveillance, Migration, Anthropology of Violence, Ireland.
Mathur, Chandana: Anthropological political economy, anthropology of work, gender, transnational and global flows, communalism/sectarianism, the transnational corporation, ecological anthropology, North America, South Asia and its diaspora.
Osman El-Tom, Abdullahi: development issues including social change, poverty, health, peace and reconciliation and good governance. His current research and writing are focussed on the Darfur peace process.
Saris, Jamie: Anthropology of Europe (particularly Ireland), Medical Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Anthropological History, Anthropological Analyses of Space, Culture and History of Institutions, Anthropological Theory, Urban Anthropology and structural violence issues in European cities, especially Dublin. Anthropology of Drug Abuse.
Strong, Thomas: Medical Anthropology, The Body, Loss, Affliction, Healing, Affect, Public Health Marketing, Sexuality and Gender, Global Indigenism, Papua New Guinea, United States, East Africa.
Szmagalska-Follis, Karolina: Mobility and Migration, Borders and Boundaries, Anthropology of the State, Legal Anthropology, Ageing and Care, Eastern Europe (especially Poland and Ukraine.
Taylor, Lawrence: Religion, Death Migration and Identity. Research in Ireland and the US/Mexico Border. Publications include many articles on historical and contemporary cultural topics in Ireland and elsewhere. He recently published another book with photographer Maeve Hickey, entitled "Tunnel Kids" of the Mexican Border.


Contact: Shahram Khosravi


Depending on their specialisations, other lecturers are entitled to supervise MA thesis on certain topics.
Fillitz, Thomas Art, Transnational processes, Postcolonial theories, Interculturalism, Knowledge transfer, Popular culture; Africa, Europe

Gingrich, Andre Paradoxes of Globalisation, Conceptualisations of identities, Gender studies, Temporal and spatial forms of cognition, History of anthropological theories and methodologies in English, French, and German; Practice and experience in ethnographic fieldwork, Cross-cultural and comparative analyses, anthropological interpretations of Arab historical source material

Kraus, Wolfgang Tribal Identities and local historical knowledge, anthropological theories and their history, ethnosociology, visual anthropology; North Africa (focus on the Berbers of Morocco) and the Middle East
Details (in German)

Mader, Elke mythology, shamanism, anthropology of gender, transcultural relations, hybridisation, tourism; Latin America, especially Indian cultures of the Amazon region
Details (in German)

Mückler, Hermann Peace and Conflict Studies, historical anthropology and ethnohistory, migration, political anthropology, colonialism; Anthropological interpretation of historic sources on Oceania, analysis of pictorial sources; Oceania/Pacific Islands, South-East Asia, Indian Ocean (Tropical Islands)

Rasuly-Paleczek, Gabriele socio-economic change in the Middle East and Central Asia, ethnicity and the formation of identity, problems of nation building, political anthropology, kinship studies, development studies, processes of globalisation and migration, gender issues
Details (in German)

Zips, Werner Legal Anthropology, Visual Anthropology; Africa, Caribbean
Details (in German)