Application procedures and deadlines

Application to all partner universities:
For application at all the partner universities, please use the application information and application form below.
Letter of recommendation:
A letter of recommendation from a university lecturer/professor is required for the application. You may (but need not) also provide a second letter of recommendation regarding an internship or other work-related qualifications. Please make use of the form below. Applications without letters of recommendation cannot be considered.
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Please note:
Application procedures differ in the different partner institutions of the consortium. Potential candidates should see below and check with the local coordinators or local assistants!


The pre-enrolment period for the academic year 2017-18 begins on March 1st and ends on June 30th 2017. Please do check the link for specific information.

(updated 01|2017)


All information about deadlines you will find here: application and admission



The application deadline is usually at the end of August/early September. Please, check the University of Ljubljana announcements.



Application procedure:
  • Application must be send to Marie-Pierre Gibert ( and Pauline Guedj (
  • Application must contain:
    • a CV  (in french or in english)
    • a letter of motivation (in french and in english), explaining the reasons and motivations for applying to this master, as well as the mobilities (in partners universities) you are planning to do.
    • a research project (in french or in english)
    • in terms of language levels (english and french), there is no need for an official certificate (TOEFL), but a certificate of level would be appreciated. In addition, do write the various documents of the application (letter of motivation, research project, etc.) instead of trying to have them translated, therefore we will have a better idea of your linguistic level.
  • Written applications will then be evaluated by the directing team of the Master in Lyon. Interviews are not necessary taking place, but be aware that  this might be the case. 
(updated 11|2015)


The application deadline is at the end of June each year.  Early international applications are encouraged.



For students from outside the EU/EES the application deadline is 01/02/ each year, from students from within the EU/EES it is 15/04/ each year.



For information for admission to University of Vienna, please see Student Point.

Students wishing to start the CREOLE programme at the University of Vienna must pre-register online – please check the data with the student point. Only after having completed this pre-registration, students may get personally full registration to the University of Vienna between July 4 and October 31 at the Referat Studienzulassung, 1010 Wien, Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 1, eMail:
Please note: In Vienna, there are two ways of studying CREOLE, the national track and the international track.
  • Do not send any documents to the local coordinator (Ayşe Çağlar)!
  • As access to University is free in Austria, with no tuition fees, students wanting to take the University of Vienna as their home institution may start the CREOLE programme every winter term (1st October) , or at the beginning of the summer term (1st of March). No special admission criteria besides the general ones of the University of Vienna.
  • Please note that registration at the University of Vienna may take some time! In that case do not hesitate to contact the local coordinator (Ayşe Çağlar).
  • National track: 
  1. No participation in the Intensive Programme
  2. No mobility, i.e. you study all four semesters in Vienna.
  3. No letter of recommendation and no specific application needed for the national track!
  • International track:
  1.  First get admission to the University of Vienna for the CREOLE national track in the winter or summer term.
  2.  Then apply for the international track (i.e. mobility): admission is regulated according to the admission criteria as delineated in “Admission (3).” Application deadlines for the mobility are between early January and the first week of March each year.
  3. A letter of recommendation and the application to the local coordinator are required only for the international track!




Application forms

Please use the updated forms (TF 11|2013 ).