Mobility & Scholarships

An integral part of the CREOLE Joint Master programme is student mobility. Candidates will usually be recommended to apply for an ERASMUS scholarship but will not automatically receive one even if they have been accepted into the CREOLE programme. Some students wanting to attend CREOLE may not be eligible for ERASMUS (due to nationality, lenght of stay in country etc. or because they have already received an ERASMUS scholarship before) but might be eligible for other scholarships and mobility programmes.

The different home universities also offer different scholarships. We will try to provide information about them in this section as soon as possible.

ALBAN is a scholarship programme for Latin American students wanting to study in Europe.

The Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP) "was launched by the Ford Foundation in 2000 to provide opportunities for advanced study to exceptional indiviuals who will use this education to become leaders in their respective fields".

(last edited 2017)