Conditions of admission

(last changed by TF on 11|2010)


 (1) Admission to the Master programme CREOLE – ­Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes is granted only if the candidate holds a degree in a subject related Bachelor programme at an acknowledged institution of postsecondary learning or has taken part in an equivalent study programme. According to the Bologna-agreement this degree or study programme must amount to 180 ECTS-points.

(2) First step is to get a general admission to the University which a student wants to select as her/his home University. Each University has different admission criteria which have nothing to do with the CREOLE programme.
(3) Admission has to take place according to the criteria of the consortium: Given different national legislations, please consult APPLICATION regarding specific admission procedures.
(4) We encourage you as well to look at the CURRICULUM AND COURSES page in order to get better acquainted with the specificities of studying at each of the consortium’s universities.
(5) This point is relevant after having consulted APPLICATION.
An application for admission is required, and has to be presented to the local coordinator who will pass it on to the Steering Group (all local coordinators). The application must contain:
  • CV
  • Transcript of previous study programme/s
  • proof of good or advanced knowledge of English
  • some proficiency of the language spoken at the partner institution/s which the student intends to visit in the course of student mobility is welcomed
  • letter of recommendation by a mentor of the previous study programme (refer mentor’s form).
  • intended study trajectory in the Master programme CREOLE–Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes
  • cover letter stating motivation of application
    • short description of thematic interest
    • preferred option of mobility (naming 2 alternative partner institutions)
    • name of preferred supervisor at the university where the programme is begun and at the intended partner university
The 12-month student mobility must be guaranteed, either via the Erasmus programme or with the help of other funds.
(6) Students who are accepted to the Master programme CREOLE–Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes by any institution of the consortium are also accepted as students at the partner universities.