Previous Topics and Programmes of Intensive Programmes


The Intensive Programmes before the CREOLE Joint MA Programme


1998: Comparative Dimensions in Social and Cultural Anthropology
    Publication: Gingrich, A. and R. Fox (eds). 2002. Anthropology, By Comparison. London and New York. Routledge

2001: Agency, Discourses of Power and Collective Representations I Download Prog2001
2002: ADOPAC:Violence: Practices and Ideologies Download Prog2002
2003: ADOPAC: Agency, Discourses of Power and Collective Representations II Download Prog2003
2004: ADOPAC: Nationalisms and Intercultural Connections Download Prog2004
2005: LIFEWORLDS: Transitions between Plural Social Milieus Download Prog2005


Starting with the CREOLE-project in 2005, the 2006-Intensive Programme was the first to be organised under the label ”CREOLE Intensive Programme“


2006: LIFEWORLDS: Debating Authenticity Download Prog2006
    Publication: Fillitz, T. and A. J. Saris (eds). 2013. Debating Authenticity. Concepts of Modernity in Anthropological Perspective. New York. Berghahn.


CREOLE Intensive Programmes – after the beginning of the CREOLE–Joint­ MA Programme in 2008


2008: MOVEMENT: The Creole Character of Society and Culture Download Prog2008
2009: MOVEMENT 2 – World Culture and Nation States Download Prog2009
2010: MOVEMENT 3 – Diversity and the Principle of Relationality Download Prog2010

Ljubljana and Piran

2011: Good Life: Imagination, Interaction, Practice Download Prog2011
2012: Mobilities, Economies, Work and Leisure: Challenges and Visions Download Prog2012


2013: Imagination: Translation – Cultural, Ethnographic, Intermedia Download Prog2013
2014: Anthropology in Public Download Prog2014

Ljubljana and Piran

2015: Alter-Natives, Anthropological Knowledge for a Changing World Download Prog2015


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