Work Load of Students and Marking


General Aspect


*   Students are allocated 10 ECTS for the participation at the IP.

*   Active participation is a requirement:
  • Involvement in discussions during the sessions;
  • Students are encouraged to discuss all matters related to the Creole Joint-MA programme and their MA-project with the present teachers also outside the official sessions.


Work Load of Students


*   Students may chair a teacher presentation and the following discussion;

*   Students have to present an aspect of their MA project (state-of-the-arts) in a ppt-presentation (30 minutes) with following discussion (30 minutes).


*   The Reflection Paper

After the IP, students have to write a reflection paper regarding the general topic of the IP. The amount of this reflection paper is between 8-10 pages (around 400 words and 1,5 spaced per page). They may chose between the following options:

(a)                The paper discusses concepts and ideas presented by more than one teacher;

(b)                The paper discusses in-depth the concepts and ideas presented by one teacher.

(c)                Supplementary reading is expected by referring to the literature presented by the teachers.

(d)                Deadline of submission is generally end of August. An extension of the deadline is possible after individual request to the marking professor.


*   If not otherwise explained during the IP, professors of the organising institution – who have participated in the IP – are marking the papers. The reflection papers of the students are submitted electronically.



(last updated TF 10|2011)